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January 11, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting / January 11, 2011

Chr. DeLuca called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Present: Chr. DeLuca, Vice-Chr. Worringer; Supervisors Aro, Reichel and Snyder, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Pledge of Allegiance

MOTION: Worringer/Reichel to approve the minutes with the correction of “SHE” from “SHE”. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Approve the Treasurer’s Report: Checking – $323,753.97 / Long Term Investments – $241,817.38 / Savings – $114,112.01 for a total of $709,683.36. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Snyder/Aro to approve payment of bills totaling $40,074.23. Approved 5/0 Supervisors Reichel and Worringer questioned the amount of the Storassli Bill – and asked for a breakdown. Sup. Worringer said to void of Check #13677/$750 – Adam Kladivo did not qualify for EMS pension 2nd % of 2010. Approved 5/0

MOTION: MOTION Worringer/DeLuca to issue payroll and fixed bills on the first of February, 2011. Approved 5/0

Fire Dept Report:

  • Chief Scott Kregness – Dec. 2010 – 1 meeting/1 drill, 2 fire related calls, 14 ems, 2 other.
  • Sup. Worringer asked Chief Kregness if the Safety Officer, Peg Nelson, had completed her Firefighter I/II which is needed as the Safety Officer? Chief Kregness answered that he didn’t realize she didn’t have it and would let her know.
  • Discussion regarding the language in the Fire Dept. Officers Job Descriptions to be a First Responder or EMT as “recommended, not required”
  • Sup. Worringer: Concerns that the Officer EMS requirements will deter Firefighters from seeking officer positions and concerns about recruitment and how recruiting is being done.
  • Sup. Reichel: First Responders and Firefighters go hand in hand-those who become EMS personnel know what they are getting into.
  • Sup. Snyder: All officers have to have Firefighter I/II in order to run a fire scene. The job descriptions don’t require a person to be an EMS person for Captain or Lieutenant but it is recommended.
  • Chr. DeLuca: The board spent a lot of time on the descriptions, let’s give it a chance.
  • Chief Kregness: Recruiting – has spoken to some folks who indicate there is too much commitment. Over 80% of the calls are EMS calls.

Persons on the Agenda:

  • Jeff Maus – Gave a list of questions for the board in regards to the annual meeting process. The board will give it to Scott Neff for an answer.

Old Business

  • Ulland Co. provided a quotation for blacktopping the town hall parking lots and separate one for the proposed tennis court-will be put on file.

Tennis Court Proposal:

Sup. Aro reported that the committee is working with SEH for consulting services. Shelby Karakas, committee member, said that Mike Larson from SEH will provide the service at no cost.

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to contract for consulting services from SHE for the firm to explore any/and/or all grant writing services – if there are fees, they are no to exceed $4000. Sup. Worringer – Feels the decision to construct tennis courts should be made prior to finding grant possibilities. Sup. Aro – Felt the board should know what grant possibilities are out there prior to presentation at the annual meeting. Chr. DeLuca and Sup. Snyder agreed that the board should pursue funding. Motion Approved 4/1 with Worringer voting no.

MOTION: Kirsten/Mary to appoint the election judges: Robin Bender, Pam Carter, Jeanne Franson, Kathy Lovgren, Carol Maus, Carol Michalek, Marilyn Mueller, Pat Surla, Kathy Vogh, Peggy Salo, Marcia Vietanen, Murline Tahija. Motion Approved 5/1.

MOTION: Snyder/Reichel to approve the resolution to appoint the absentee ballot board for the March 8, 2011 Election: Appointing Kathy Lovgren, Carol Michalek, Elina Nedland and Mary WorringerApproved. Approved 4/0 with Worringer abstaining.

Budget Discussion:

  • Sup. Aro brought forward discussion on salaries. The township doesn’t have year end figures as the bank statements did not arrive until Jan. 10. He asked the board’s thoughts on the past of 5% increases to the salaries and whether or not the board is planning to continue to do that. He explained that the maintenance and assessor’s contracts are under review so those figures are not available.
  • Sup. Worringer as EMS Administrator stated that the 2011 salary is acceptable for 2012.
  • Chief Kregness stated that he would need to look at the Fire Dept. salaries – citing the Officers are responsible for managing 16 personnel compared to the EMS Administrator who manages 6 personnel.
  • Sup. Worringer asked if Chief Kregness thought she was overpaid?
  • Chief Kregness responded yes, he thought she was.
  • Sup. Snyder stated he agreed.
  • Sup. Aro commented that it should not be personal, rather the job requirements that drive the salaries.
  • Chr. DeLuca commented that he felt the pay for the captain and lieutenant was not enough.
  • Sup. Reichel asked if the 5% increases as has been past practice is still part of the inquiry?
  • Sup. Aro commented that if the board started with a blank sheet of paper for 2012, Chief Kregness feels the Fire Dept. staff is underpaid-bring in what he recommends.
  • Sup. Worringer expressed that she was discouraged by the lack of support for the job she performs and then to be told she’s overpaid by Sup. Snyder and Chief Kregness, stating she would appreciate more support.
  • Sup. Aro commented that Mary Worringer does indeed to an excellent job, is not overpaid and if she is comfortable with the same pay for 2012, that is fair. He added that the board should review and consider a capital reserve fund for future expenses.
  • The Board decided on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 6:30 for a budget meeting.
  • Sally Christopherson commented to the board in regards to an article in the newspaper, asking about the cost to have employees? She cited personnel costs make up 50% of the County’s budget, minimize the property tax, adjust the budget to actual revenues, ensure continued assistance, reduce the budget, not increase as there could be problems if people don’t pay their taxes. She cited accountability, transparency and continuation of services.
  • Barb Lofquist expressed her desire for no tax increases and asked how often the $60,000 kitchen was used?
  • Sup. Snyder stated that it wasn’t $60,000 and it was needed to upgrade for the events.
  • Sup. Reichel stated that every month the board and public sees what the expenses are. The board is responsible for keeping at least a half year to full year on hand in the event of catastrophe.
  • Treasurer Clark reminded everyone that the township has designated funds that are only for those specific purposes: The Isle of Pines Bridge Fund for Maintenance of it; Community Enhancement which is for septic loans; the Fire Dept. CD of $206,000 including interest that was part of the Bois Forte Fire Protection Agreement through 2012.
  • Byron Beihoffer and Renee Aro commented that the township’s share of 6% of the tax bill is hard to pare down. The real taxes are with the county and school district.

Marcie Moe reported that she would like to see as many people as possible attend the next Sportsman’s Club meeting with discussions and information on the potential harm by aquatic species. She expressed concern that all property owners should have in keeping Lake Vermilion safe from that potential harm.


Safety: – Safety Officer Nelson not present. Sup. Aro commented that the board doesn’t get any reports and rarely is the Safety Officer present at the meetings. Chief Kregness stated that she works for him and the board and will ask her to attend the meetings.

EMS – Mary Worringer commented that there was nothing to report.

Planning Director – Julia Maki gave the board a 2010 Summary of permits,proposed Escrow Fees. The Planning Commission will review and consider all aspects of implementing the Escrow Fees. She reported that her next major project would be cleaning up the conflicting language in the Ordinance, forward to Scott Neff for review and hopefully get it implemented in the near future.

Maintenance – Pat Trancheff reported that it busy as usual. Many people using the skating rink and lots of snowplowing.

Clerk/Assessor – Ellen Trancheff reported that filings closed: Supervisor Position 1 – Carmen DeLuca. Supervisor Position 4 – Gene Baland, Donald Doroff, Wally Snyder. Treasurer – Delores Clark

MOTION: Aro/Reichel to adjourn at 7:52 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff, Clerk
Carmen DeLuca, Chairman