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February 8, 2011


Greenwood Town Board Meeting / February 8, 2011

Chr. DeLuca called the meeting to order at: 6:30 pm.

Present: Chr. Carmen DeLuca, Vice-Chr. Mary Worringer; Supervisors Tom Aro, Kirsten Reichel, Treasurer Delores Clark, Clerk Ellen Trancheff

Absent: Sup. Wally Snyder

MOTION: Reichel/Worringer to approve the previous minutes, 1/11/11 and 1/25/11. Will space S E H Approved 4/0

MOTION: Worringer/DeLuca to approve the Treasurer’s Report: Checking-$293,593.72 / Investments-$241,817.38 / Savings-$144,315.22 for a total of $679,726.32. Approved 4/0

MOTION: Aro/Reichel to pay claims #13706-13751 and payroll totaling $28,958.45. Approved 4/0

MOTION: Worringer/DeLuca to issue payroll and fixed bills on March 1, 2011. Approved 4/0

2010 Audit of Accounts:
MOTION: Reichel/Worringer to approve the 2010 Audit. Approved 4/0

Fire Dept Report:
Chief Scott Kregness reported on the calls/meeting/drills for the month of January.
Grant application for $121,960 still out there.
Sup. Aro – any recruitment activity?
Chief Kregness speaking to potentials.
Will take talking to persons to try to get them interested.
Sup. Worringer suggested the Bar-B-Q.


  • Marcie Moe invited everyone to the Sportsman’s Club Invasive Species presentation at the town hall on Wed. Feb. 9 at 7 pm.
  • Lee Peterson – Voiced complaints about the town board spending money on legal fees and suggested the board get a different attorney., stating he didn’t trust Mr. Neff. He asked about the changes to the Ordinance and why the board is not using the attorneys that quoted out the work on a new ordinance. He suggested the town board overrule the Planning Commission CUP for Retreat Lodge.
  • Director Maki advised that the current Ordinance does not allow for the Town Board to overrule the Planning Commission. She advised that she is working with attorney Scott Neff for changes that are required to reference the proper statutes.
  • Sup. Reichel explained that when somebody has questions, presenting them in list for prior to the board meetings helps the board members find time to get the answers.
  • Renee Aro commented that everyone should be treated respectfully.

Correspondence reviewed:

  • SLCATO Minutes
  • Sportsmans Club
  • SLC Public Works/possible strike
  • Land Stewardship Program

Old Business:

  • Tennis court update: Sup. Aro, not too much to report. Inquiries of funding by S E H.
  • Annual Meeting will be when it is voted on.

2012 Levy:
MOTION: Worringer/Reichel to approve 2012 Levy Draft ready for approval at the annual meeting. Approved 4/0

New Business:

  • Chr. DeLuca – have signed contracts with Ellen Trancheff, Assessor and Patrick Trancheff, Maintenance/Records for 3 years starting Feb. 8, 2011.
  • The assessor is paid 95% of the County Fee Schedule.

MOTION: Reichel/Worringer to appoint Bonnie Grosshaueser as Election Judge. Approved 4/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Aro.to make donations of $100 each to Cook Library, Cook Youth Center, St. Louis County Fair and Potters Field. Approved 4/0

Chr. DeLuca: Lawsuit over Latterner, Planning & Zoning Ð Mediation coming up. Sup. Aro and he attended the last mediation and would agree to do so again.

MOTION: Worringer/Reichel to appoint Tom and Carmen to go for mediation for the lawsuit with Latterners. Approved 4/0

Jeff Maus – Way we ran the meeting was correct for 30 years, last year was incorrect. Spoke to many townships. He wanted the board to go back to the old way the annual meeting was done.
Sup. Aro – We received legal advise and it does not matter what other townships do. The process preparing a budget that establishes the levy-the voters at the annual meeting may vote for or against the levy but not get in the line item debate-Lawyers advised us under no circumstances,.
Chr. DeLuca – We send all our people to the MAT training twice a year and never see Vermilion Lake, Breitung at those training sessions. We receive good legal advise from the MN Assn. of Townships.
Sup. Aro – At the annual meeting it is the people’s choice to agree or disagree with the levy.
Sup. Reichel – Ellen prepared a copy of the annual meeting process from the MAT newspaper and suggested people get copies. She advised that Greenwood encompasses a large area and have more on the plate than some neighboring townships. There is a lot to deal with.
Chr. DeLuca – The board follows legal advise.
Renee Aro – To maybe ask Mats attorney to issue the opinion in writing.
Sup. Aro – The advise was from the MAT attorney as to the annual meeting process.
Renee Aro – The township has done it one way for years, maybe it wasn’t legal, nice to have a legal opinion. Sitting in the audience is heresay, what an attorney said. We the public can’t speak to MATS-and are all educating ourselves. All learning how to deal with eachother. Would like the opinion in writing.
Chr. DeLuca spoke to Scott Neff who said that what was put in the Timberjay is exact the same from MATS regarding the annual meeting.
Sally Christopherson – What about the people not in attendance? They would not get the levy till the annual meeting?
Larry Tahija – The people who are not here don’t care. The people who do are here.
Jeff Maus – How much time was spent on developing the budget? Seems like it was only an hour.
Treasurer Clark – worked on it for days prior to the meeting. The Town Board uses their budget to develop a levy based on past costs.
Chr. DeLuca and Sup. Aro – At some time you have to move on. The budget was developed with information from the past year.
Pete Makowski – Move on, the board has given the opinion of legal counsel for how the annual meeting will be run.


  • Safety: Peg Nelson – on fire side, ems medical intervention kit 100% up to date, down to 2 EMT’s who can touch it – First Responders can’t touch that. For any medical calls or any equipment, everyone is wearing proper gear and operating equipment in a safe manner. Township – Pat has been doing a great job keeping MSDS books up to date and the sharps containers empty. She asked the board consider some way to control dogs that are running and not on a leash.
  • EMS Administrator: Mary – Rescue 5 meds – exchanging in the past – Dr. Petinelli – asked Peg to stay out of it? Peg – has list on the board – should just step out of that. Scott – can settle some place else.
  • Planning Director: Gave her monthly report. Mr. Neff issued an opinion on the road access for Mr Arch on Pine Island – he has access. Suggested that she put all the land use information out on the website – could subscribe to the blog for emails – out of area residents could follow the planning dept.

    Sup. Aro – mentioned Mr. Arch’s variance came with conditions that certain things had to be done in respect to fire, etc. don’t believe he should be issued a permit without the Fire Chief signing off.
    Chief Kregness advised that they were recommendations, not requirements.
    Sup. Aro – stated the Fire Chief will sign off for Mr. Arch’s conditions for fire safety.

  • Maintenance: Busy as usual.
  • Clerk/Assessor: Absentee Ballots are ready to be issued. Reminded the website is a tool and always work in progress.
  • Supervisors:
    Jeff Maus – Would like a written statement from lawyer for meeting operation?
    Chr. DeLuca – Spoke to Scott Neff who said there isn’t anything more to give you – have the information Jeff.
    Sup. Aro – Last year spoke to MAT counsel several times and is comfortable with the advise given.
    Renee Aro – Doesn’t cost anything to get a written opinion from MAT’s.
    Sup. Aro – We got the opinion and are comfortable with it.
    Jeff Maus – If asked to submit questions in writing, how do you get back to me?
    Sup. Reichel – You’ve been given your answers and the meeting procedure.
    Pete Makowski – There’s a certain procedure the township must follow. Jeff, you are beating a dead horse. MAT’s people don’t make things up Jeff, move on with it.

MOTION: Aro/Reichel to adjourn at 7:53 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff, Clerk
Carmen DeLuca, Chairman