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February 14, 2017



February 14, 2017                            6:30 PM


Chair Bassing calls meeting to order


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll call: Chair Bassing, Vice chair Deluca, G Baland, J Maus, R Kladivo, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac


Please turn off cell phones and pagers.  This meeting will be recorded for transcription an archival purposes.


Motion: Bassing\Baland to approve minutes of Jan 10, 2017 special meeting        Passed 4/0 Maus abstained

Motion: Bassing\Deluca to approve minutes of Jan. 10, 2017 meeting                      Passed 5/0          Motion: Kladivo\Deluca to approve minutes of Jan.17, 2017 special meeting          Passed 5/0


Treasures report: checking-$482,011.75, long term investments-$251,273.24, savings-$254,915.94



Motion: Kladivo\Deluca to approve treasurer’s report                     Passed 5/0


Claims presented

Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to approve Resolution to pay Supervisor Maus-other work   Passed 4/0 Maus abstained

Affidavit presented by Jeff Maus


Motion: Kladivo\Bassing to approve claims                           Passed 5/0


Correspondence: Short course reminder, letter from B Hayden-funds for aquatic species, notice from E Trancheff on refund for health insurance. Letter with list of forfeited land. Thank you from Richard Bright.  Minutes from SCLAT meeting.


Public Comment: Mary Richard has organized the loan closet and would like to make a few changes, also a Rummage sale is set up for May 13th, 2017. Possibly more events to come.  Mark Drobac- he thinks the employee committee should meet again. Also, questions on attorney billing.  Pam Lundstrom- talking about the loan closet- should be used. Also, the Tower-Soudan 4th of July celebration is in need of money.  Spaghetti feed soon, more fundraisers planned.                                                                                              Motion:




Service credits: Maus is a recipient of ff pension \ conflict of interest – he will abstain on a vote                                   13 people to receive good time credits

Motion: Bassing \ Baland to approve service credit as presented by D Fazio, chief               Passed 4/0 Maus abstained                                criteria – 6/6/1                  is a work in progress-




Personnel policy- More meetings to be scheduled and board to look at documents                              Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to table until after election                          Passed 5/0


Employee compensation-$15.00 1st hour \ $10.00 any after. Fire dept. thinks they went backward, was $20.00. Possible rework pay. Fire dept. says most calls are medical and over an hour.                                        Motion: Baland\Kladivo to have fire dept. bring a recommendation to the April TB meeting             Passed 4/0 Maus abstained


Portable pump- new pump for the fire dept. $7196.20                     Motion: Kladivo\Deluca to amend previous motion of Jan 1, 2017 for correct pump and charges                             Passed 4/0 Maus abstained


Motion: Bassing\Maus to approve payment of Julia Maki employment claim                         Passed 5/0

Resolution: Kladivo\Deluca to approve Ken Peterson, commissioner-MN DOLI vs / Greenwood Township (Jeff Maus case)      Passed 4/0 Maus abstain


Pickle ball nets- Bassing checked on nets- approx.  $500.00 and an 81 lb. weight                  Motion: Maus\Baland to table purchasing the nets to April meeting            Passed 5/0


Recreation committee- looking at roadside cleanup on May 6. Plans for Greenwood 40th Anniversary ongoing. Playset costs are still being looked at.  Possibly paying for a pickleball net.                             Combine cleanup and Tower-Soudan spaghetti feed.

Motion: Kladivo to donate $500.00 to Tower-Soudan 4th of July                   Rescinded

Motion: Maus\Bassing to donate $100.00 to Tower-Soudan 4th of July celebration   Passed 5/0




Note: Town hall will be closed the week of Feb 20-24 and possibly the next week also, for installation of the new fire alarm system


Budget- Bassing reported on the budget-line by line.                                                                                         Motion: Deluca\Bassing to present levy request at $150,000.00 at the annual meeting      Passed 4/1 Maus voted no


Annual meeting on March 14, 2017


Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to appoint Mary Richard and Bev Peterson to be election judges and Carol Maus dropping off the list   Passed 4/0 Maus abstain


Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to pay $25.00 per hour for Delores Clark to train new Treasurer      Passed 5/0


Motion: Deluca\Bassing to post sample of ballot for local election              Passed 5/0


Reorganization: Maus – wants adopted policy for public comment – he wants public questions answered- re-organization meeting should set up policies


Reports: Deluca – fire alarm system, Maus – should put rummage sale in paper-no- not township business, board authorized every supervisor to call attorney. Baland- his last meeting after 2 terms, and will donate a POW\MIA flag to Greenwood township, sends thanks to tennis court people, Dean Panian, Jarri Ankrum and the Rec Committee, gave a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. Kladivo- his last meeting, also. Bassing- regarding attorney contact – attorney does not make policies, they are made by Greenwood, a thank you to all volunteers, thank you to Delores and there will be a reception for her March 5, 2017. Deluca-regarding attorney, $1300.00 cost, for talking to the employee committee. Maus-does not feel he should be reprimanded. Fire dept. – 2 training meetings, 1 meeting, 1 drill, 13 ems calls, 2 fires, and 2 voucher payments, the money for the pump purchase will come from the capital equipment fund, and will be transferred to the general fund,                                                                 Motion: Bassing\Baland to repair engine #1                       Passed 5/0

Continue 10/20, hourly, and voucher payments, maintenance done on 4 fd trucks, Laurentian meeting attended- dues have been reduced. Maintenance-volunteers working. 911-1 new address and corrected addressing problem on Welles Rd.


Junk mail will be available to view, then will be tossed.


Board of Audit to follow adjournment of regular meeting.


Motion: Bassing\Deluca to adjourn                          Passed 5/0                          8:20 PM


Sue Drobac                                                         John Bassing


Clerk                                                                      Chair