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February 14, 2012

Greenwood Town Board and Board of  Audit Meeting – February 14, 2012

Chr. Aro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
Present:  Chr. Aro, Vice-Chr. Reichel, Supervisors Baland, DeLuca and Kladivo; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


                    MOTION Baland/DeLuca to approve the 1/23/12 minutes with the amendment including Waters of Vermilion Cost of $21,698.36.  Approved 5/0

                    MOTION Kladivo/Reichel to approve the 1/31/12 Special Town Board minutes.  Approved 5/0

                    MOTION Reichel/DeLuca approving the Treasurer’s Report for Jan. 31, 2012:  Checking-$348,370.42/Long Term Investments-$246,529.21/Savings-
$207,894.98=$802,794.61.  Approved 5/0

                    MOTION DeLuca/Baland approving paying Claims #14374-14413 and payroll totaling $35,971.04.  Approved 5/0

                    MOTION DeLuca/Kladivo to issue payroll and fixed bills March 1.  Approved 5/0

                    MOTION Kladivo/DeLuca to donate $100 each to the Tower-Soudan Historical Society for Potters Field and to the Cook Public Library.  Approved 5/0

2011 Board of Audit-All receipts/disbursements and claims were paid for the year of 2011 with all documentation being reviewed by all board members.

                    MOTION DeLuca/Baland to approve the Board of Audit financial books for 2011.  Approved 5/0

Fire Dept:  Asst. Chief Makowski gave the run report for January 2012.

Correspondence:  2011 Annual Financial Report for the Relief Assn; SLCATO Minutes, Sportsman’s Club Thankyou for the donation, Letter from Relief Assn.
Treasurer Howard Ankrum requesting a tier increase program for the Firefighter’s pension-indicating the pension is funded to do so.

Shoulder Extension: 
Sup. Baland gave the St. Louis County Proposal to do the shoulder extension leading up to the Greenwood Trail with the guarantee that the township would not be obligated for more than $29,975.00.  Sup. Baland cited Safety for all who ride or walk “to” the trail, Cost estimate is very fair, the use of the Trail funds would help towards the total cost given the trail has $17,000 plus, timing is right with the new road and new shoulders, the township has very active residents who have family and guests out walking and biking, the fact that there are two DNR boat landings at the end of Moccasin Pt. Rd. as well as 2 Marinas. 

                    MOTION Kladivo/Baland to take $15,000 from the Trail Fund and $15,000 from the Building Fund to do the shoulder extension to the Greenwood Trail.  Approved 4/1 with Reichel voting no citing there are many areas in the township with no trail at all, cost for such a short extension seems high.

Boat #1 Motors:
Asst. Chief Makowski explained the replacement plan as follows:
2012 – Cost New would be $30,697 for 2 motors.  Repair existing-no cost. Trade in value on old motors-$15,597.  Final Cost-$15,000.
2013 – Cost New could be $31,000 for 2 motors.  Repair existing-$5000.  Trade in value on old motors-$12,000.   Final Cost-$24,000.

Supervisors Comments:
Chr. Aro-Would like the fire dept. members to be out on the lake with the best equipment and most reliable as possible.  Would like to see better preventive maintenance on the motors in the future.  Move forward with new motors.
Sup. DeLuca-Agreed as it is cheap insurance.  The contract money for the unorganized area brings in $6000 this year to help pay for them.
Sup. Reichel-Prefers repair vs. buying new given the low use on the motors, could there be different more reliable motors that last longer.
Sup. Baland-Would like to see a 7 year replacement plan on the motors and having the vendor do annual inspections/testing of the motors as preventive maintenance.
Sup. Kladivo-Would like to go forward with new motors.  Contractors on the lake who run their motors longer don’t have to worry about saving lives or property-it’s not the hours on the motors but how the boats are used.

MOTION DeLuca/Kladivo to purchase two – 2012 – 300 HP Motors for Boat #1.  Condition by Sup. Baland that the dept. move the motor replacement to 7 years and have the seller review the motors annually.  Approved 4/1 with Reichel voting no.

Safety- Peg Nelson absent
Planning Director-Julia Maki provided the activity report to the board and advised that Amy Loiselle/DNR will come to a meeting for a short workshop of both the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment at the March 19 PZ meeting.
Maintenance-Pat Trancheff gave the monthly synopsis of maintenance and fire dept. issues.
Clerk/Assessor-Ellen Trancheff getting ready for the March 13 election.
Supervisors-Chr. Aro asked Asst. Chief Makowski to order plaques for the firefighter retirees that have not received one yet.

MOTION DeLuca/Kladivo to adjourn at 7:40 pm.  It was noted that there still was the budget to work on-meeting went into recess to 7:50 when the board reconvened.

 Chr. Aro explained the budget in preparation for the levy request.  Discussion included adding back the EMS salary as the job has been absorbed by the officers so the chief, asst. chief and captain would receive $1200/chief, $1200/asst. chief and $400/captain in 2013.  Reduction of the levy by $50,000 was suggested by Sup. Kladivo.  Sup. DeLuca asked where from since the fire dept. spent way more than budgeted? 

               MOTION DeLuca/Baland to approve the 2013 Levy of 496,423.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Reichel/Baland to adjourn at 8:40 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                                       Tom Aro-Chairman