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February 10, 2015

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – February 10, 2015


Chr. Aro called the meeting to order 6:30 pm.


Present:  Chr. Aro, Vice-Chr. Reichel, Supervisors Doroff, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Absent:  Sup. Baland


                MOTION Worringer/Reichel to approve the Jan. 13, 2015 minutes.  Approved 4/0


                MOTION Worringer/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s report for Jan. 2015-Checking-$743,376.42/Long Term Investments-$250,621.95/

                Savings-$315,161.32=$1,309,159.69.  Approved 4/0


                MOTION Doroff/Worringer to approve paying claims 16394-16431 totaling $23,770.81.  Approved 4/0


                MOTION Reichel/Doroff to issue payroll and fixed bills March 2.  Approved 4/0


                MOTION Doroff/Worringer to approve the 2014 Financial Audit.  Approved 4/0


Correspondence Reviewed:  SLCATO Minutes, Hwy. 169-Ely letter from Commissioner Rukavina, Memorial Donation of $400 and Thank you from the family of Dick Wray for the EMR assistance, Information regarding the fibreoptics.  Chr. Aro reported on a negative piece of correspondence regarding a claim of Jan Makowski-MN Dept. of Human Rights-with no comments as it is pending.


New Business:

MOTION Reichel/Doroff to appoint the list of election judges and absentee ballot board for the March election: Kathy Lovgren, Colleen Lepper, Jeanne Franson, Julia Maki, Mary Worringer, Marcia Vietanen.  Absentee Ballot Board-Ellen Trancheff, Kathy Lovgren, Mary Worringer.  Approved 3/0 with Worringer abstaining


                MOTION Doroff/Aro to appoint the members to the Comprehensive Plan Committee as recommended by consultant John Klaers:

Kirsten Reichel, Tom Aro, Rick Sathre, Barb Hegg, Lee Peterson, Joanne Bassing, Chuck Richards, Mary Worringer, Steve Lenertz, Howard Ankrum, Ellen Trancheff.  Approved 3/0 with Reichel abstaining.




Fire Chief Fazio-(Jan. – 2 drills/1meeting/1 officer meeting/1 alrm/12 extra training/9 EMS calls) He gave a brief synopsis of training scheduled in the future and acknowledged that Julia Maki and Rick Worringer have completed Firefighter I/II and HAZMAT classes.  Jet Galonski had completed a good portion of Firefighter I/II with others working on it.  Chr. Aro commented that the new members will strengthen the core of the dept.


Safety/Training Officer Ed Borchardt reported on the 2 drills.  One at Fortune Bay to test the dry hydrant and Bloodborne Pathogens/Right to Know/HAZMAT-all well attended.  Chr. Aro complimented the dept. and officers.


Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on a busy month.


Planning Director Maki reported that there is considerable permit request activity.


Supervisors discussed the delays in the EMR pensions due to the individual not supplying the township with their continuing education records.  The pension is distributed in Jan. and July and based on 4 hours continuing education in the 6 month period and attendance on one run.  Some members did not supply the information which delayed the contribution.


                MOTION Aro/Worringer to set Jan. 5 and July 5 as the deadline for the EMR staff to submit to the township their documentation of

                Continuing education and call information in order to be paid the 6 month contribution.  Approved 4/0


Discussion on the Levy for 2016.


                MOTION Worringer/Doroff to set the budget/levy for 2016 at $401,251 putting $2000 in the trail fund.  Approved 4/0


                MOTION Doroff/Aro to adjourn at 7:30 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                              Tom Aro-Chairman