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December 2020

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes


Call to Order

Meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes

DATE:  December 8, 2020   6:30PM

This meeting will be a Telephone Conference Call

Roll Call – Chair Ralston / Vice Chair DeLuca / Supervisor Skubic / Supervisor Tahija /

Supervisor Beihoffer / Interim Treasurer Fazio / Interim Clerk Spicer

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Additions to Agenda

Motion– Request to accept Agenda    Carmen/Byron   Passed 4/0

Motion – Request to approve November 10, 2020 minutes   Byron/Carmen   Passed 4/0

Treasurer Report

Motion – Request to approve Treasurers Report   Larry/Byron    Passed 4/0

Motion – Request to waive reading Claims    Carmen/Larry   Passed 4/0

Motion – Request to approve Claims     Carmen/Byron   Passed 4/0

Motion – Request to approve Payroll    Byron/Carmen   Passed 4/0

Old Business

Broadband update

Earlier today participated in Video Connect Meeting, a consultant to Northeastern Broadband

Expansion, funded through Blandin Foundation Grant. Their report will be released soon and will be

shared at that time. CTC response has increased to 17%.


Cares funding update – No update


Frontier Broadband

Motion to terminate Frontier Broadband   Carmen/Byron   Passed 4/0


Option B wording for March ballot –Leave as is, no further action


New Business


12.1   Budget – Carmen requests preliminary budget in January to work with in February in order to

have a straight forward budget that the supervisors agree on, to present the public in March.


12.2   Motion – Request to approve Resolution 20-08 Designating Polling Place

Carmen/Byron   Passed 4/0


12.3   Motion – Request to approve $100.00 donation to Vermilion Lake Association

Carmen/Larry   Passed 4/0


Motion – Request to approve $35.00 for TimberJay ad that benefits the school.

Carmen/Larry   Passed 4/0


Supervisors reports   

Carmen – Made a couple 911 signs.  Everything is good in maintenance for the upcoming snow season.

Haven’t had any more problems with the alarms going off.


Larry – Ambulance meeting will be in January.


Byron – Christmas lights are up. Wish everyone a very merry Christmas.


Mike – Flags are not being displayed.  They were lowered to half-mast for Pearl Harbor Day on Monday, but it was noted they were in poor condition so will be retired in proper ceremony at VFW Post in Cook this Spring.

The Cook VFW Post will donate a POW flag.  Sue commented there are new flags in the Fire department office and one in the garage attached to the office.  Dave will look for flags in office. Must be 5×8 to out-rank POW flag.  They will be located and flags will be displayed.  Thank you to Richard Leciejewski for caring for the flags.


Fire Chief Report – Dave reports in Nov there were 4 fire, 12 EMS, 1 meeting, an on-line training missed in Run report.  1 EMS training, 1 maintenance

They have put in place a practicing policy for 1st Responders and EMR’s to go to calls in full PPE due to the Covid pandemic.  PPE involves higher protection face shields, gloves, booties and gowns. Full PPE will also be used by FF and EMS for lift assists.

Dave will forward to Debby, details on free Covid testing and that will be shared with the public.

Tammy has worked hard throughout 2020 with grants that have enabled replacement of most of the

turn-out gear, however, we still need 3 sets replaced. Replacement cost is about $3000 each, less any grants we can secure, so we’d like to spread out replacement to 1 every 4 months in 2021.


Correspondence – RAMS election ballot arrived – Mike will complete that.


Mike reports Paul Skubic is recovering and hopes to be home by Christmas.


Motion – Request to Adjourn   Carmen/Byron   Passed 4/0   7:05pm