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December 2018


DECEMBER 11, 2018                                        6:30 PM


Chair Ralston opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Ralston, Vice chair Deluca, L Tahija, P Skubic, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes.

Treasurer’s report:  Checking: $183,477.23            Long Term Investments: $251,725.95       Savings Account: $230,721.03                                 Total:   $665,924.21

Treasurer reported Frandsen Bank will no longer administer the Community Loan Program and the Township is not capable of doing the administering on its own. The monies in the fund are $97,000.00 with $40,000.00 as a grant from IRRRB.  The IRRRB has closed the fund.  Leaving the possibility of transferring the monies to the general fund.                 Treasurer also checked on insurance costs to residents with the fire dept Class 7 rating.

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve treasurer’s report                                                  Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to suspend activity of the Community Enhancement Fund and remove it from the Township website                                                                                                                                                Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve Nov 13 meeting minutes                                         Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Beihoffer to approve Nov 26 special meeting minutes with changes                          Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion: Beihoffer\Tahija to approve Claims as presented                                              Passed 5/0


Canister sign is up

Insurance update: Ralston reported on Western World Insurance. No further coverage on current claim. Town Board has contracted Molly Ryan to continue to defend the township on the current claim. Ralston looking at new coverage. Noted also, MATIT insurance coverage is in force. The Township is responsible for paying for any defense.

Fire Dept. contracts – Ralston feels there is no need for contracts. If no applications from persons wanting contracts,  will need a motion in February.

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to set up email for archived emails                                       Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve all 2015 emails – to and from – board members, fire dept. officers and ex-board members to be forwarded to an archive email address                                                                                   Passed 5/0

US Dept of Labor and Wages representative has visited Greenwood asking for information to be provided. Information was provided. Asked about minimum wage payments.


Motion: Deluca\Tahija to replace 2 door locks \ Biss Lock for $1430.00                                                      Rescinded

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to replace 1 lock and repair a second with Biss Lock for $987.50               Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve Carol Maus as election judge for March election                      Passed 5/0

Motion: Tahija\Beihoffer to approve Mary Richard as election judge alternate for March election Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve Kathy Lovgren as election judge for March election                                Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve Kathy Vogh as election judge for March election                          Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve Colleen Lepper as election judge for March election                   Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve Julie Stoehr as election judge for March election                        Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve Ruth Deluca as election judge for March election                     Passed 4/0                 Deluca abstain

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to approve John Milbridge as election judge for March election              Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve Joan Mueller as election judge for March election                         Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve Sue Drobac as election judge for March election                            Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve Board of Audit date—Feb 12, 2019 at the end of board meeting             Passed 5/0

Reports: Supervisors: Beihoffer – Merry Christmas            Deluca – had a propane smell – all good. Reichel Electric has installed new dawn to dusk LED lighting on the Fire Hall. Reported lights out in the parking lot and will need a bucket truck to repair.

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve repair of parking lot lights, not to exceed $3000.00                 Passed 5/0

Ralston – The skating rink has been and will continue to be watered. The lock on the skating shack will be replaced by Deluca.                                 Fire Dept – 22 runs –- 6 fire, 6 ems, 1 drill, 1 mtg, 8 training. Physicals in Nov. SCBA training and cleaning in hall. Jan. training on blood borne pathogens. Changes are needed in POC and SOG.

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to accept changes as highlighted on SOG \ 1st reading                                  Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to accept changes as highlighted on POC \ 1st reading                                        Passed 5/0

Information about new or used radios given- 6 needed, 4 OK.

Motion: Tahija\Skubic to approve radio purchase (used radio purchase first) up to $10,000.00      Passed 5/0

Information given on IAMRESPONDING program

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to apply for 2-month free subscription with IAMRESPONDING                      Passed 5/0

Snowbulance is ready. Portable pump to be put into township truck – send this truck first. FFI \ FFII in Aurora start in Jan. Lucas Training done. Mike Lapic phone call – concerns about new RV site. Jet Galonski recovering.     Clerk: Marcie Moe dropped off recycling info from SLC. Josh Sherman background check is back. Training for Clerk and Deputy clerk.

Motion: Tahija\Ralston to approve training for Clerk \ Deputy clerk at MAT office Jan 24.                 Failed 0/5

Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve training for Clerk at MAT office Jan 24                                          Passed 5/0

Noted by Ralston – Thank you to TJ Kladivo for plowing the skating rink. Thank you to Byron Beihoffer for the Christmas lights at the Pavilion.

Public Comment:  Jeff Maus – exercising free speech. Talked about the changes a supervisor listed for election votes and he talked about transparency, but now, voted to move Public Comment to end of the agenda. Maus opinion – Deluca has forgotten his promises.   Ralston ‘s reply was – take it up at the ballot box.      John Bassing – Comments on Safety Officer pay when not in area. Jan 2016 job description-the contract clearly states he oversees all safety. Deluca did not want to pay someone if not in the area. The vote at that time was to suspend pay.                             JoAnn Bassing – Commented on taxes in Greenwood – credit should go to the residents at the annual meeting, for voting on the levy. Barb Lofquist – citing editorial – she does not like the Pavilion lights – she also has no time for volunteering herself. Would like to see a revolving list of persons to work at the hall. Pavilion is beautiful.         Steve Rodgers – would like to do away with public comment.       Byron Beihoffer talked about supervisors meeting, and only supervisors should be talking. Mike Ralston said we are not obligated by law to have public comment. Barb Lofquist – the board seem to always have 5/0 votes.

Correspondence:                             Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve Christmas Ad in Timber Jay     Passed 5/0               SCLAT Minutes, Letter from Rick Stoehr concerning the responses from residents for the Comprehension Plan regarding question # 10C. Stoehr talked about the Board’s lack of regard for the wishes of the taxpayers. Ralston commented on Stoehr’s letter – no conclusion submitted from John Klaers.  MAT statement of Financial position. Northwoods Partners Appreciation dinner invitation. Lake Vermilion Trail received NPS/RTCA Partner Award. SLC – Ribich – variance, Bakk – variance, Horan – RV Campground app, Horan – zoning change. Email from Rachel Torres to add link to our website, which will be taken under advisement.                                                                                                                                                                  Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to give donation to SLC Fair in 2019                                     Passed 5/0                                               ARDC representative – decision to – not vote. IRRRB grant and loan information.

Junk mail is available to view, then will be recycled

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to adjourn                                            Passed 5/0                          8:18 pm


Sue Drobac                                                                                         Mike Ralston


Clerk                                                                                                      Chair