December 2013 Notes

Greenwood Township Board Meeting Notes – Dec 10. 2013

At the request of various constituents I have decided to post the results of the each town board meeting on a trial basis.  The Timberjay does a good job of relating the events of each meeting so this may be a duplicate effort on our part.  This is an attempt to keep everyone informed without actually posting the unofficial minutes as they are not official until approved at the next meeting.  I would appreciate your comments on this endeavor both positive and negative.  You can email me at  I look forward to your comments.

The Treasurer’s report was as follows:
Checking Acct:  $460,980.22
Investments:  $250,114.58
Savings:  $270,154.17
Total:  $981,248.97
Motions to approve the payment of claims, payroll, and fixed bills in the amount of $62,581.37 were approved on a 5-0 vote.

People On The Agenda: 
Numerous individuals spoke to the recommended contract for the township  maintenance position.
 Old Business:  Ratification of the new three year contract.  After more discussion and review of the information provided, the supervisors ratified the contract on a 4-1 vote.

 New Business: 
A Community Enhancement Loan request was approved on a 5-0 vote.
  A Resolution by Supervisor Deluca to turn over assessment responsibilities to the County on Jan 1, 2014 was withdrawn after discussion regarding the ending date of the assessor’s current contract which is Feb 8, 2014.  A new motion was introduced and approved to set the turnover date as Feb 9, 2014 on a 5-0 vote.  Chairman Baland will contact the county advising them of our decision.

 Fire Department:  Report was given by Dave Fazio, Fire Chief.   A motion to welcome Ed Borchardt, Mickey Scipioni, and John Milbridge to the fire department was approved 5-0.
Other fire dept items were:
Blood Borne Pathgens Training for fire dept members.
Developing an agreement with the Cook Fire Brigade.
New radios and training plans.
Preliminary budget planning for 2015.

Maintenance Report:  Was given by Pat Trancheff.  It included the change over of equipment from summer to winter and regular daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance items.

Planning and Zoning:   Director Julia Maki reported on a variance issue that has been ongoing and not yet resolved.

Supervisor Reports:
 Supervisor Aro reported on the progress of the 2015 budget.
Supervisor Doroff requested an update on the outboard motor problems.
Supervisor Baland reported on the motors and indicated that a detailed report from the manufacturer is being sent to us.  He also indicated that the DNR has not had an update on the plans for Moccasin Pt Landing.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Gene Baland