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December 13, 2016


DECEMBER 13, 2016                        6:30 PM

Chair Bassing calls meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Bassing, Vice Chair Deluca, J Maus, R Kladivo, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac                    absent G Baland

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes.

Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to amend agenda to include Pete Makowski application for Assistant Fire Chief and resignation of Jan Makowski in new business                  Passed 4/0

Motion: Deluca\Maus to approve November 9, 2016 meeting minutes                   Passed 4/0

Motion: Kladivo\Deluca to approve November 29, 2016 special meeting minutes                   Passed 3/0 Maus abstain

Treasurer’s report:  checking- $486,752.82 long term investments- $251,273.24 savings- $252,335.69 Total-$990,361.75

Motion: Kladivo\Maus to approve Treasurers report                       Passed 4/0

Claims presented

Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to approve claims with the exception of #17672 which will be held until documentation is presented.         Maus talked to the attorney-     Bassing also talked to attorney.  Deluca concerned about 2 supervisors calling the attorney about the same subject-doubling the charges from the attorney.                     Passed 4/0

CORRESPONDENCE:  Thank you from Morton Buildings, Christmas card from Frandsen Bank, received SLC  association of township minutes, Unemployment benefits for Julia Maki approved by state, Vermilion Lake Assoc. subscription, e-mail from Lee Peterson- would like supervisor to attend Lake Vermilion Trail meetings. Bassing has been attending and will continue to attend- they are working on connecting the Bois Forte Trail to area townships and will take years.

PUBLIC COMMENT: M Richard asked about the skating rink- when and if it will be usable. Bassing to look into.


Fire alarm system- 4 quotes received -and tabled until the January 6, 2016 meeting

Personnel policy committee report-Kladivo reported a good start and will have a report next month

Maintenance report- plumbing to be done-water faucet outside, urinal, water faucets and furnace check

Motion: Bassing\Maus to accept P Trancheff retirement from Fire Dept.                               Passed 4/0

Application from Peter Makowski for Assistant Chief Position                    

Motion: Kladivo\Bassing to purchase handicap Port-a-john.  Item tabled until April 2017

Pavilion update-J Ankrum reported the money from donations \ sign\ and contributions is $3000.00.  Also noted-Breitung has an employee to maintain a skating rink.  Maintaining a rink is a process.

POC- Maus asked about the audit for the Fire dept. POC- Bassing noted it was not ready . Maus to take over.

BYLAWS- with the attorney


MOTION: Randy\Jeff assign weed inspector – Deluca     Passed 3/0 Deluca abstained

Motion: Kladivo\Deluca to have a onetime maintenance for Generator.                Passed 4/0

Motion: Bassing\Deluca to suspend pay when Safety officer is not in the area    Passed  4/0

Motion: Bassing\Deluca to accept resignation of J Makowski from the Fire Dept.                  Passed 4/0

Election review:                                Position 1- 3 year term  Position 2- 3 year term   Position 3- 1 year term  Treasurer – 2 year term

Motion: Deluca\Bassing to approve an ad in Timberjay  and Tower News newspaper for Christmas greetings      Passed 4/0

Motion: Bassing\Deluca to discontinue ATT Phone charges \ contract on maintenance man cell phone    Passed 4/0

Motion: Bassing\Delcua to approve payment for  MAT training for clerk \ deputy clerk and overnight stay in St Michaels, MN                        Passed 4/0

Motion: Bassing\Maus to pay Deputy Clerk at $20.00 per hour

Resolution: Deluca\Bassing setting Polling hours at 7:00 am to 8:00 pm for March election  Passed 4/0

Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade-concerns about insurance liability, how to proceed. Letter from attorney presented.                 Motion: Bassing\Kladivo to table item until January 2017 meeting.  Deluca would like to have only 1 person contacting attorney.       Fazio this has had a lot of discussion for years.   MAT does not want Greenwood to join.        Passed 4/0

Note: POC-will look at payment  \ federal minimum wage laws \ hourly pay rate at January 2017 meeting

Reports:   Fire Department: 1 training, runs- 5 ems, 2 fire.  PERA  update- official, 13 members had physicals. Blood borne pathogen training. MN DOT scheduled in Jan. Fire Dept. in need a new pump-costs range from $2600.00 to $4800.00. Bassing asked if the pumps in the garage can be used? Working on grant eligibility.                         Motion: Bassing\Deluca to extend J Maki position with fire dept. for 1 month                           Passed 4/0          Paying POC new way restricts unemployment money…Can pay go to IRA | PERA? Bassing noted possible tax fraud.  Bassing will address attorney. Ice rink-no one will commit to rink care.              Safety-13 fire dept. members had physicals.  911-no new addresses. Supervisors-Kladivo-would like to adopt a temporary grievance procedure.  Bassing-attended a Tower\Breitung fire district meeting, they are working on a 15,000 sq. ft. building. He feels the fire district is important.  Clerk: truck auction- sold for $2550.00, windsock changed by Northern Clearing, Note in kitchen- nothing bad in kitchen- please let me know, to be able to get things corrected.

Junk Mail is available for viewing – then will be tossed.

Motion: Deluca\Maus to adjourn                             Passed 4/0                          7:55 pm

Clerk                                                                      Chair


Sue Drobac                                                         John Bassing