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December 10, 2013


Greenwood Town Board Meeting – December 10, 2013

Chr. Baland called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present; Chr. Baland, ViceChr. Aro, Supervisors Deluca, Doroff, Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Chr. Baland asked that the person who put the Onions in the Mesabi Daily News had misinformation and asked that if
the person was in the room, in the future call and get the straight facts-Greenwood is a nice community and the
township does not need to be blasted in the Onions. He
also reminded everyone that during the public comment
section, that would be the only time. There will be no debate; just state your position or comment. Public input will not
be accepted for the employee issues on the agenda.

MOTION Aro/Reichel to approve the minutes of the 11/12/13 as corrected. Approved 5/0

MOTION Aro/Deluca to approve the Treasurer’s Report for November: Checking-$460,980.22/Long Term
Investments-$250,114.58/Savings-$270, 154.17=$981,248.97. Approved 5/0

MOTION Aro/Doroff to pay Claims #15603-15650 totaling $62,581.37. Approved 5/0

MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to pay payroll and fixed bills. Approved 5/0

Persons on the Agenda:

-Fred Smith spoke to comparisons between Breitung, Tower and Greenwood regarding the Maintenance Position and
Contract subject to approval at this meeting. He cited an alleged reduction of duties with the Assessor position being
terminated, differences in responsibilities.

-Mary Worringer read a letter of support of Pat Trancheff as Head of Maintenance for Greenwood

Sharon Smith supported Mary Worringer’s comments

Jim Galonski spoke in support of Pat Trancheff as Head of Maintenance for Greenwood, expressing appreciation of the

skating rink, basketball area, canister site cleanliness.

-Don Halunen spoke in support of Pat Trancheff as Head of Maintenance stating he does a very good job and is in the
last years of his employment and should be treated fairly.

-Dave Fazio questioned how an employment contract could be publicly debated. His years as Union President he has
never seen the voting public weighing in on an employment contract.

-Lee Peterson spoke that he had sent all the board members an e-mail in support of Pat Trancheff who does a good job
is helpful with fair pay.

-Jeff Maus spoke that Pat does a good job for the township and is helpful but wondered if a reduction in salary should be

-Rick Worringer questioned Mr. Smith’s suggestion of a reduction in pay- have there been added duties to the position?

-Julia Maki commented that she spends a lot of time at the office and the comparison is apples to oranges. She added

that on Veteran’s Day, a Holiday, Pat took the Board of Adjustment out in the Fire Boat to look at a property. She
echoed support of Pat Trancheff.

-Ellen Trancheff read a letter disputing Mr. Smith’s calculations and information, reminding that the maintenance
position is salaried, assistance to the assessor and planning director was one line on a 3 page document of the job
description/duties and pointed out a full page of added duties since his pay freeze in 2011 as well as the fact the Pat is in
charge of al
l fire department equipment and personnel records-a big responsibility. She asked the board to end this
and do the right thing, ratify the employment agreement for Pat Trancheff.

Correspondence Reviewed:    Eagle Dock will start charging for shorestation lifting effective 2014, Thank you from the

Mesabi Humane Society, Request from the MN Assn. of Townships to support the comprehensive Omnibus
Transportation Bill and to authorize the Holiday Greeting Ad in the Tower News, TImberjay


MOTION Aro/Deluca authorizing the Holiday Ad Placement in the Tower News and Timberjay. Approved 5/0

Old Business: Ratify the employment contract for Pat Trancheff

Sup. Reichel commented that she agreed with Dave Fazio and Ellen Trancheff that this venue was inappropriate in
regards to the employment contract. It is a board decision, not a public decision and she apologized to Pat for him
having to go through this.

MOTION Aro/Reichel to approve the 3 year Employment Agreement for Pat Trancheff-Head of Maintenance,
effective January 1, 2014. Approved 4/1 with Deluca voting no.

New Business: Community Enhancement loan Request of Janet & Mike Simonson-Baptist Island-$35,000 Cost

MOTION Reichel/Doroff to approve the preliminary application for Janet & Mike Simonson for an estimated
total cost of $35,000. Approved 5/0

                              Resolutions:       St. louis County has approved to not charge for assessment services effective Jan. 1, 2014.

MOTION Deluca/Aro to approve the Resolution to turn over assessment services to St. louis County effective
Jan. 1, 2014. The motion was withdrawn as it appears to violate the current contract Ellen Trancheff has with
the Township through February 8, 2014.

MOTION Baland/Aro to notify the County that the transition will occur Feb 9 when the County will then take
over assessment services for Greenwood Township. Approved 5/0


Fire Chief Fazio: Gave the monthly report/The SCBA Grant was turned in on Dec. 6/2 firefighters have re-joined-Ed
Borchardt and Mickey Scipioni and John Milbridge has joined to become a First Responder/Dave will schedule a First
Responder class for sometime this spring/Fire Brigade-He received written opinion from Bruce Rhode-State Fire
Marshall’s Office that the FD could work with the Fire Brigade with an agreement that would identify all duties, etc
will start tackling the budget for 2015/last drill had Matt Hoffman give a propane presentation and then the dept
watched a dvd on ammunition and fire/Next drill will have Curly Skogman coming in to go over the snowmobile trails
and a refresher of the radios-armor training/He contacted Scott Christopherson who would be conducting the
Bloodborne Pathogens-Right to Know-Confined Spaces Feb. 4

MOTION Reichel/Aro to welcome Ed Borchardt, Mickey Scipioni and John Milbridge to the fire department.
Approved 5/0

Chr. Baland reported that Safety Officer Peg Nelson had sent an ernail that mandated all firefighters, EMS personnel,
Town board, Clerk, Treasurer, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Election Judges to attend the Bloodborne
Pathogen Class. He asked Peg to provide the OSHA rule. He contacted them directly and they said that the firefighters
and EMS personnel were required but the rest were not.

Safety Officer-Peg Nelson Absent

Maintenance-Pat Trancheff reported on getting equipment ready for winter and normal daily work at the hall

Planning Director Julia Maki reported on the Niekrasz issue and compliance with their required payment and was
advised by the board to ask Scott Neff to ask if there could be a lien or special assessment in the event of default of

Supervisors Reports:

Sup. Aro asked the various department heads to work on the 2015 budget-disbursement registers through today were
given to all and final ones available for the Jan.
14 meeting.

Sup. Doroff asked about the reports on the motor failures.

Chr. Baland had spoken to Keith Moody from BRP in regards to the motor failures. He suggested the cause could be the
leaking fue
l line and vacuum hose not operating right. Board members took exception to that idea.

lee Peterson and Rick Worringer both disputed BRP’s suggestions to the motor failures.

Chr. Baland said to wait and see what happens next.

Chr. Baland reported that there is no update on the Moc. Point dock. He asked Pat Trancheffto resume plowing the
Greenwood Trail-the person who asked not to plow the trail is ok that it is plowed-nobody had used cross country skiis
on it.

Chr. Baland ended the meeting by putting on his Santa hat and asked that everyone start the New Year by being
positive, cooperative, friendly, kind and optimistic.

MOTION Aro/Reichel to adjourn at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk



Gene Baland-Chairman