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August 11, 2015

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – August 11, 2015


Chr. Reichel opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.


Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the two sets of 7/14/15 meeting minutes. Approved 5/0


MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the 7/28/15 meeting minutes. Approved 5/0


MOTION Baland/Bassing to approve the July 2015 Treasurer’s Report: Checking-$776,163.84/Long Term Investments-$250,972.13/Savings-$317,046.49 totaling $1,344,182.46. Approved 5/0


MOTION Milbridge/Baland to pay claims #16713-16745 totaling $84,884.73 plus the Reichel Electric bill for

$90. Supervisor Bassing complained about the payment to Dean Panian that was issued on the first, citing

he didn’t see it as a fixed bill. Vice-Chr. Baland delivered the bill under the previous approval of up to $5000 for the Bocce Ball court. Motion approved 5/0


MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to issue payroll and fixed bills Sept. 1. Approved 5/0


Public Comments: Sally Christopherson-absentee information, Mark Drobac-Clerk hours not on website (later determined they were on the website) and County Ordinance/Greenwood Township. Moes regarding the clerk raise. Barb Lofquist-township truck.  Dean Panian spoke to the board, though not on the sign up list, regarding his name being brought up in regards to his payment.

Old Business: Vice-Chr. Baland gave updates on the Bocce Ball and Tennis court. The group that held the Spaghetti Feed fundraiser will use the donation for further work on the Bocce Ball court. He advised that there may be additional work to do for the tennis court.


MOTION Bassing/Milbridge to authorize Vice-Chr. Baland to have the tennis court corners placed and to have all items related to the tennis court not to exceed the approved $55,850.00. Approved 5/0


New Business: Treasurer Computer Quotes: Roger’s On-Line: $1339.15. DELL: $1563.98


MOTION Worringer/Baland to purchase the computer for the Treasurer from Roger’s On-Line for $1339.15.

Approved 5/0

 MOTION Baland/Bassing to donate $500 to the Joint Powers Recreation Board. Approved 5/0.

Sup. Bassing suggested having the county do the 911 addressing, citing only 10 pieces of paper/year and the issues related to the township being sequential, not grid which could cause a migration issue. He spoke to the county and to

Commissioners Nelson and Rukavina and to another firefighter not from Greenwood about it.

Sup. Milbridge asked if he had spoken to the Greenwood Fire Chief who is in charge of the fire dept? Sup. Bassing said no he had not.


Clerk Trancheff gave the July Fire Run Report.

Safety/Training Officer Ed Borchardt gave the latest training and drill info and asked the board if they would consider installation of a smoke and/or fire suppression system for the fire hall and township building. Additional information will be provided to the board including if there is grant money available. Clerk Trancheff will start with the MATIT for information.


Planning Director Julia Maki reported permit activity has been active and plans for the Planning Commission.

Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on the usual busy summer maintenance issues.

Clerk Trancheff reported that there may be a special election this fall to fill Dave Dill’s Representative seat.

Sup. Bassing apologized to Dean Panian for bringing up his name.

Vice-Chr. Baland commented that he would like to look for grants for a pavilion.

Sup. Worringer commented that Dave at Birch Pt. has been so great in getting the boat ready when he hears we have a call-a thank you would be nice.

It was determined that the clerk would write Thank You’s to Dave & Cindy Lamphere at Birch Pt. Recreation, Dave Desanoy, Matt Seppi and Jack Williams for their donations to the Bocce Ball Court.


MOTION Baland/Bassing to adjourn at 7:57 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson