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August 13, 2014

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – August 13, 2014


Vice-Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Present:  Vice-Chr. Reichel, Supervisors Baland, Doroff, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Absent:  Chr. Aro


The meeting was taped for transcription purposes and was being videotaped by an unidentified person.


               MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the July 8, 2014 minutes.  Approved 4/0


MOTION Baland/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for July 2014:  Checking-$652,045.71/ Long Term Investments-$250,515.57/ Savings-$311,085.39=$1,213,646.67.  Approved 4/0


MOTION Baland/Doroff to pay Claims #16043-16098 including payroll totaling $28,970.33.  Approved 4/0


MOTION Worringer/Doroff to issue payroll and other fixed bills Sept. 2.  Approved 4/0


MOTION Worringer/Doroff to putting a Thank you to the Auxiliary in the newspaper.  Approved 4/0


Correspondence Reviewed:  Couri & Ruppe notice of free legal seminar, Judy Pearson-Cook Hospital District plea to join,  MAT Dist. 10 meeting notice, Roger’s On-Line Backup Security Information, State Demographer population 4/1/13 – 933, Tower ambulance run report, Park information, letter to Mark Drobac-Werner issue


Vice-Chr. Reichel commented that while she understands the taxes are high, the Cook hospital provides services and jobs to the area.  Information on actual costs will be solicited.


Old Business:


Town Hall Park Project:

Rick Sathre reported that the property has been surveyed placing the cold storage building and siting for the tennis/pickle ball court.   Other ideas were to put a sand volleyball court, lighted sign for meeting notices, etc.


Public Notice of meetings:

Vice-Chr. Reichel commented that at the township is doing above what is required for notices including approving an email group for special meetings.  One must request to be included in that group by sending an email to the township along with their name and address.


Dave Parucci approached the board in regards to a letter of questions he sent to the Chairman, which he received a response.  He asked about the Planning Director’s qualifications and was advised that Ms. Maki is highly qualified. 


New Business:


Calgaro quote of $1,496.25 to do the trimming from the Birch Pt Landing to Birch Rock Rd.


               MOTION Baland/Reichel to approve the Calgaro quote of $1,496.25 to trim the area from Birch Pt Landing to Birch Rock Rd.  Approved

               3/1 with Reichel voting no.  Sup. Doroff voted yes citing the safety of those using the road.


Mark Drobac asked how he could view the Charter of the Township and the process to abandon a township road.


               MOTION Baland/Doroff to have the clerk get an answer from MAT and disseminate it to the board and the public.


Reports were given from the Fire Chief-Dave Fazio, Planning Director-Julia Maki, Maintenance-Pat Trancheff.



Sup. Baland noted that Lloyd Ollila requested to be on the town hall park committee.

Vice-Chr. Reichel commented that now is a good time to interview potential attorneys for the township.


               MOTION Reichel/Worringer to start finding new legal advice for the township.  Approved 4/0


Vice-Chr. Reichel brought up the need to have some parliamentary order for the board meetings and cited that she has been observing meetings all over the commissioner district while running for county commissioner and found that Greenwood is very loosely structured.  The board will be looking into some rules of conduct for the board meetings.


               MOTION Baland/Worringer to adjourn at 8:25 pm.





Respectfully Submitted,




Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                                       Kirsten Reichel-Vice-Chairperson