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August 13, 2013

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – August 13, 2013

Chr. Baland called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present:  Chr. Baland, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors DeLuca, Doroff, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to approve the meeting minutes from 6/11/13 and 7/9/13.  Approved 4/0

    MOTION Aro/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s Report for July, 2013:  Checking-$519,164.63/Long Term Investments-$249,987.08/
    Savings-$275,356.10=$1,044,507.81.  Approved 4/0

    MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to pay Claims #15408-15467 including payroll totaling $64,745.19.  Approved 4/0

    MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to issue payroll and fixed bills Sept. 1.  Approved 4/0

Persons on the Agenda:

    Lloyd Ollila-Spoke to the board for the need of noise enforcement in Greenwood Township citing increased health stress to neighbors
    such as those experiencing the noise levels of outdoor amplified music at BayView.

    Gene Kishel-Asked the board to consider setting out the portable speed bumps on the Birch Pt. Extension from Opening of Fishing to
    Memorial Day.

Correspondence Reviewed: 

    MN Assn. of Townships District 10 Meeting Notice
    MN Revenue notice of 2014 Town Aid @ $9,747.00-the first year town aid will be provided
    St. Louis County Public Works follow up letter regarding the speed signs for CR 77

Old Business:

    Residents from Echo Point-Bob Adkisson and Bill Illebridge spoke to the board requesting to join Greenwood citing tax savings and fire
    protection.  They stated that they understood they would lose police protection and road maintenance-both provided by Breitung Twp.
    Ryan Minor from Armstrong Bay stated that the people in his area are considering leaving Breitung and joining Eagles Nest if allowed.
    They were advised by the board that they should get as much information as possible, there is a lot to consider for both communities.

New Business:

    Trail Sealcoating –  2 quotes came in with different products.  More information will be solicited for different options.

    Propane Quotes – Ferrellgas – $1.174/gallon for 1st 1000 gallons and $1.249/gallon over 1000 gallons
            Range LP – $1.399/gallon

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to accept the quote from Ferrellgas for $1.174/gallon for the 1st 1000 gallons + $1.249/gallon over 1000 gallons.
    Approved 4/0

    Sportsmans Club – Curly Leaf Pondweed Removal cost $348.21 for Greenwood’s share.

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to pay the Lake Vermilion Sportsman’s Club $348.21 for Curly Leaf Pondweed Removal on Lake Vermilion. 
    Approved 4/0


Fire Dept: Acting Chief Makowski gave the July run report.  Discussion regarding the Fire Chief Job Description Committee meeting with the
    requirement that the chief become and EMR (64 hours training) within one year of hire.  AFG Grant was authorized for hose only-have
    10 months to close out the grant so will be talking to vendors.  Sept or Oct will be a Laurentian drill at Fortune Bay.
    Sup. Doroff asked how many firefighters and EMS persons on the roster and if everyone was up to speed with training?
    Acting Chief Makowski-7 EMS with 13 Firefighters on the roster and yes to training.

Safety:    Peg Nelson  hopes to see the speed signage soon.  Will be busy at the Casino the weekend of Aug. 17 with approximately 4000 people
    attending the Hank Williams Jr concert.  EMS coverage will be 3-4 from Greenwood, Tower Ambulance with 3.  Fortune Bay EMS
    staff will be handling the Casino
Greenwood Town Board Meeting – August 13, 2013

Planning:    Director Maki reported that the Board of Adjustment will likely hear a variance.  The Planning Commission will meet August 19 to consider
    the Bay View noise issue.
    Mark Drobac questioned why a permit application fee is not returned if the permit application is denied by the planning director? 
    Director Maki responded that it is in the Ordinance.
Mark Drobac read exerpts from a document regarding Attorney Client Privilege citing he wanted to see the township’s attorney response to an issue regarding contiguous lots. (the document received by the township talks about closing meetings under the Attorney Client Privilege and is marked Exhibit “A” and part of these minutes)
He was advised that the attorney works with the town board and planning director and if marked attorney client privilege it will not be released.  Attorney Neff will be supplying a memo regarding the question of contiguous lots can’t be developed.
Mark Drobac accused Director Maki of denying a permit application he submitted for a friend.
Director Maki advised the board that she had not denied the application as she just received the application submitted by Mark Drobac.

Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on a busy month including the annual Bar-B-Q setup and cleanup.

Clerk/Assessor Ellen Trancheff reported that the State Demographer reported 938 residents/430 households on April 1, 2012.  The area from Strandlie Lane, Birch Point to Cottage Lane will be reappraised this year.


Sup. Aro asked the board to approve $50,000 for a tennis/pickle ball court.  The committee attempted 2 rounds for a grant-being denied both times.
He asked for a motion to go forward and offered to carry the ball for the project.

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca granting Sup. Aro the authority to move forward with the development of a tennis/pickle ball court not to exceed

Sup. Doroff commented that it would mean increased costs for the township, trail maintenance, Echo Point residents residents concern of tax base in Breitung, can’t support increased costs, the consideration of a full time chief with extra costs to the township
Sup. Aro commented that the area swells to 10,000 people with the township providing very little services
Lloyd Ollila supported the tennis/pickle ball project saying there would be no maintenance

    MOTION Approved 3/1 with Doroff voting no.

Sup. DeLuca asked if Pete Makowski was being paid the Fire Chief Salary as acting chief?  The board needs to make that decision.

    MOTION DeLuca/Aro to pay Pete Makowski Fire Chief salary for July and August.
    Sup. Doroff asked if there would be a fill in for Asst. Chief-DeLuca responded no.
    Motion Approved 4/0

Sup. Doroff expressed concern of road issues, who would be paying for different ones such as Birch Pt, Echo Pt. (if they are in Grwd), Old Hwy. 77 which is being worked on.  He spoke of establishing a policy for roads and was advised that the township has on file minimum road standards.

Chr. Baland acknowledged that he visited with the Fire Brigade which was at the Landing for a picnic.

    MOTION Doroff/Aro to adjourn at 8:37 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                            Gene Baland-Chairman