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August 13, 2012

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – August 13, 2012

Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.               
Present:  Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. DeLuca, Supervisors Aro, Doroff; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff
Absent:  Sup. Baland

               MOTION Doroff/Aro to approve the July 10 meeting minutes.  Approved 4/0

               MOTION Aro/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s report:  July 2012 – Checking-$437,577.09/Long Term Investments-$249,247.10/Savings-
$227,721.83 for a total of $914,546.02.  Approved 4/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Aro to pay claims #14709-14767 totaling $36,721.75.  Approved 4/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to issue payroll and fixed bills September 1.  Approved 4/0

Fire Dept:  Asst. Chief Makowski gave the run report. 
1-He made a request of the board to be authorized to make a trade with the Rescue Squad of the fire dept. 2000 Polaris 6 wheeler for a 2002 Polaris 6×6.  There are also MatTracks available for $6000.  He said replacing the 2000 model with a 2002 could extend the replacement schedule out 5-7 years.  Board members agreed to let the discussions regarding the swap continue.
2-Request to sign an Intrastate Mutual Aid Agreement that would give the dept. the option of assisting in disasters outside of the area (the recent flood, fires, etc.) where a truck and 2 persons could leave the township.  Truck 1 and Boat 1 are to not leave the township.

               MOTION DeLuca/Doroff authorizing Chief Kregness to sign the Intrastate Mutual Aid Agreement with the conditions that Engine #1 or Boat
#1 not leave the township, Engine 10, Tender 3 could go on a call outside of the township.  Approved 4/0

3-First Responders/EMT’s request to be paid $20/hour for special events such as concert standby’s at Fortune Bay, BayView, etc.  Tower Ambulance pays their personnel $20/hour.

MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to pay $20/hour/person for EMT/First Responder attendance at special events, effective Aug. 1, 2012.  Approved 4/0

Lloyd Ollila & Mary Worringer made a request of the board to pursue a noise ordinance.  Concerns were raised about the deck noise/music at BayView.  Board members noted that for the time being, persons who are being disturbed need to call the sheriff.  Director Maki will look into the conditions of their conditional use permit.

Correspondence:  Chuck Richards thankyou to the fire dept with a $100 donation

Propane Quotes:  Ferrellgas @ $1.189/gallon –              Range LP @ $1.379/gallon

               MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to accept the Ferrellgas quote for $1.899/gallon for the 2012-2013 heating season.  Approved 4/0

Computer Quotes:  Dell @ $1990.80                              Nobilis @ $1853.00                             Both supplied by Roger’s On-Line

               MOTION Aro/Doroff to approve the Nobilis computer and order 3 extra external backup drives for the Fire Dept, Planning Director and
Treasurer’s computers.  Approved 4/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to order double sided fire signs from Advantage Signs for $3100.00.  Approved 4/0

Safety-Peg Nelson absent
Planning Director Maki-Working on zoning changes and will meet with the Planning Commission Aug. 20, Niekrasz trial Aug. 14
Maintenance-Pat Trancheff busy as usual.  Starting oil changes.  Sup. Doroff suggested an oil test kit to see if the oil changes could be done less frequently due to low hours/miles on the trucks. 
Clerk/Assessor-Ellen Trancheff advised that the State Demographer population estimate for 2011 was 947.
Chr. Reichel was contacted by Hal Henning in regards to consultation for law enforcement in Greenwood/Tower. 
Sup. Aro suggested the board look into a benchmark for the rainy day fund with the assistance of Treasurer Clark.

               MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to adjourn at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                        Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson