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August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020

MINUTES, Township of Greenwood MN monthly meeting Board of Supervisors

August 12, 2020                                               6:30 PM


All motions are a ‘ROLL CALL VOTE’

Call to order by Chair Ralston 6:30 pm

Roll call:

Present: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, P Skubic, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Interim Treasurer Fazio,

Absent: Clerk Drobac

This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes.

Acceptance of Agenda: Motion Deluca- support Skubic, No additions or changes, Passed 5/0

Acceptance of Treasurers report as read: Motion Tahija Support Beihoffer Passed 5/0 Report by Interim Treasurer Fazio

Beginning Balance $535,378.31
Receipts $137,187.77
Disbursements ($27,145.59)
Payroll Deposit Correction $94.55
Ending Fund Balance $645,515.04

Checking account



Long Term Investment $252,105.54
Savings Account $233,986.73
Ending balance $646.740.04

Acceptance to waive reading of claims: Motion Skubic Support Tajiha Passed 5/0

Acceptance for approval of claims: Motion Deluca Support Tajiha Passed 5/0

Acceptance for approval pf Payroll: Motion Deluca Support Beihoffer Passed 5/0

Acceptance for approval of July 2020 minutes: Motion Deluca Support Skubic, Chair Ralston offered to clarify minutes to reflect “Frontier proposal to extend service to a residence on Birch Point at no cost to the township and repair any damage”. Passed with clarification added 4/0 Beihoffer voting no


8.1)  TAAS report from Deluca / Tajiha

    1. Deluca checked with Clerk in Tower and found there will be no meeting until October and will obtain notice for same
    2. 2 annual payment to be made, current payment is ready to release, final payment due in December @ $15.00 per capita
    3. correspondence from Lee Peterson a resident of Greenwood Township was received stating his concerns that monies made by the TAAS should be accounted for and not moved to subsidize projects in the City of Tower and all monies should remain in the TAAS fund. Requesting the township insist the TASS fund be made whole by the City of Tower by returning all amounts transferred out of the fund. (correspondence is available from the Clerk).
    4. Tower will be having a meeting where the townships can express their concerns and participate in discussions

8.2)  Budget Review and historical spending discussion

(note: not all back-up material was not provided to the supervisors in their packet)

A) Spending amounts 2016 $517,615, 2017 $350160.00, 2018 $314,433 2019 $355,800.00 2020 (Budget) $325,350.00 2021 (projection)331,800.00

B) Possible additional spending cuts

    1. Treasurer newly elected in March wage to be $9428.00 %40 reduction
    2. Chair Ralston also stated he would be willing to take 40% reduction
    3. Fire department to remain untouched

C) Supervisor Deluca would want to see the more information in writing before any decision is made. Chair Ralston will provide his suggestions for the next meeting for review

8.3)  Broadband

A)  John Bassing, resident of Greenwood township and a representative of the Blandin Foundation Broadband committee was asked for an update of his committee progress (John Bassing was on the call in). After being surprised the Township Board is still interested in broadband, he updated the board of supervisors

    1. Paul Bunyan of Bemidji is presently working with Sandy Township and Wuori Township and is not interested in working with Greenwood Township at the present
    2. CTC is working in Southern Minnesota so will not be in Northern Minnesota until next year
    3. Media has nothing going this year in our area.
    4. Rural development funds are on hold.
    5. Bois Forte is doing their own this year however Mr. Bassing did not know who the carrier is

8.4)  Cares Funding:

    1. Tammy Mortoloni is working on the Cares funding and documenting the allowable expenses to apply toward the $22,500 amount received from St Louis County.

8.5)  Levy:

    1. Levy of $150,000 must be submitted to St Louis County by September 15

Motion by Deluca support Ralston to approve and Certify a $150,000 levy for 2021 in Greenwood Township Passed 5/0

Supervisor Reports:

Maintenance: Parking lot paving is complete and seal coating complete. Striping left to complete.

Thank you to Jari Ankrum for obtaining the COVID-19 awareness signage for the pavilion

911: 2 signs were made.

Fire Department: Chief Fazio reported on recent fire department calls activities and trainings.

Chief Fazio discussed a report from PERA stating the Fire department pension fund is currently funded at 195% and there is no contribution necessary. As the board had not yet received this information Chief Fazio will forward the information directly to the supervisors.

All first responders have received the new pagers (cost $535.00 each) Chief Fazio would also like to acquire these new pagers for the firefighters as well, total cost will be brought to the next meeting.

Chief Fazio would like a solution to the cumbersome method of obtaining gas for the fire boat at Birch Point Marine. After discussion Dave will pursue with the marina and bring a solution forward.

Safety: Fire Alarm in the Township Hall went of approximately 1:30 am recently Chief Fazio confirmed this . Rick Worringer responded.  Rick also requested a key for the business office be left in the Fire Hall for access into the office should an emergency require it, rather than having to break down the door.


Chair Ralston received and returned the US department of Commerce Census Bureau boundary verification form which showed the township boundaries as being correct.

Correspondence was received from Lee Peterson regarding the TAAS. This correspondence is available at the town hall

Correspondence received from John Bassing tendering his resignation as Deputy Clerk effective noon Wednesday 08/12/2020

Acceptance of John Bassing resignation Motion: Beihoffer, support Skubic motion passed 5/0.

Correspondence from Clerk Drobac appointing Jeff Maus as Deputy Clerk

Motion to adjourn @ 7:17 by Skubic support by Beihoffer             Passed 5/0


Prepared by Board Chair

Mike Ralston



Chair Ralston