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April 21, 2016

Board of Supervisors town board meeting

April 12, 2016    6 :30 PM

Roll call-Chair R Worringer, J Bassing, J Milbridge , C Deluca, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac                 absent G Baland

Please turn off cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be taped.  If public comments—please speak your name and address.

Motion Deluca \ Bassing-To approve March 24, 2016 re-organization meeting minutes

Treasurer’s report –checking $609,816.98, long term investments   $251,121.21, savings $319,675.26 totaling: $1,180,613.45                                                         Receipts are available for viewing

Motion Bassing \ Milbridge to approve treasurer’s report     Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca \ Bassing to pay claims    Passed 4/0

Motion Bassing \ Worringer to issue payroll and fixed bills May 1, 2016    Passed 4/0

Presentation by law firm- Couri & /Ruppe

Public comments: Jeff Maus concerned about rumors 3 supervisors wanted to arrange getting $25,000.00 from the township for the Pavilion project—Bev Peterson concerned about the website not being updated. The clerk will correct .  Bev also asked about warrenty on the tennis court? Baland will check on it.  Baland is looking for grants for the Pavilion.                Noted by M Couri- Looking for grants does not have to be authorized by the board.    Jeff Maus –in looking at the Tower News, it says the planning director has hours at the town hall..?  Marilyn Mueller-wants Carmen Deluca to be transparent this time around.   Barb Lofquist-P\Z director is calling the attorney…should be going through the Planning and Zoning Board before a call is made.

Motion Bassing \ Deluca to hire law firm Couri & Ruppe       Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca \ Bassing for chairman Worringer to notify law firm Handt Fride-their services no longer needed                              Passed 4/0 

Pavilion presentation by Dean Panian                                                                                                                                                                    

Motion Worringer\Milbridge to approve stain,shingles,soffits, and a 15’ move for Pavilion   Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca\Milbridge to add a Builders Risk Policy to Township MATIT ins.  With payment from  Rec Board                                     Passes 4/0

Motion to accept Resolution 16-01 to accept donation from Vermilion Recreation Area Board in the amount of $15,000.00                                        Passed 4/0

Note: money will go to the township \ township will pay for materials

Motion Bassing\Deluca to authorize transfer of $10,000.00 from Building\ future fund to the general fund                                            Passed 4/0

Motion Bassing\MIlbridge for supervisor Worringer to order materials up to $25,000.00 for the Pavilion Project                                  Passed 4/0

Presentation by Jerri Ankrum  on Pavilion

Motion Bassing \ Worringer to postpone Paid on call    Passed  4/0

Motion Deluca \ Bassing to postpone Review and Amend Board Policy   Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca \ Bassing to postpone Maintenance assistant pay resolution    Passed 4/0

Outgoing and incoming Clerk’s pay verified

Motion Bassing \ Deluca to authorize Training for CTAS program, lighting , new phone, computer contract ,for clerk \ treasurer office    Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca \ Milbridge to approve liquor licenses—Timbuktu Marina-Shamrock Landing-Gruben Holdings, Vermilion Club   Passed 4/0

Sheriff’s report – corrections noted about hipaa by John Bassing

Motion Worringer to postpone the Walking Trail project    No second    motion dies

Motion Deluca\Worringer to not go ahead with the Walking Trail project               Discusson:  Lee Peterson says he walked the trail and it is a bad area for a trail,   Jeff Maus agreed                                     Passed 3/1  Milbridge voting no

Motion Deluca\Milbridge to charge for audio copies of meetings for supervisors   Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca\Worringer for Document policy – all township documents are property of clerk, which includes fire dept.                                clerk to check with MAT             Passed 4/0

Motion Worringer to create a clerk \ treasurer policy. No second,  motion dies

Motion Worringer\Bassing to repair a culvert on the paved hiking trail –Discussion Pam Myre wants to know if the trail needs to be plowed—it is not meant to be driven on. Lee Peterson wants to check to see if a culvert is needed?                              Passed 4/0

Note: relief association is not following OML –needs to post meetings. Dave Fazio to let them know.

Reports:  Supervisors,    Bassing-went to MAT Short courses—Treasurer\Clerk and Supervisors                                                                                                  Deluca—went to MAT short course –was recommend to let out all documents and add a report from the 911 coordinator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Worringer—everyone is a weed inspector                                                                                                                                                           P&Z—out on a call                                                                                                                                                                                                             Maintance—out on a call                                                                                                                                                                                            Safety (presented by Jet Galonski) –fire suppressant system \ about $20,000.00                                                                                               Fire dept-Fazio  — Runs-10 EMS, 2 fire, 1 Drill  –100% attendance; had to reschedule Red Cross meeting: FD has a new project to install new fire detectors for homes; can partner with Pavilion –do blood pressure testing , ect.

Junk mail available for viewing—then will be thrown out


Motion Bassing\Milbridge to adjourn       Passed 4/0          9:30 PM