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April 2019


APRIL 9, 2019                                                     6:30 PM

Chair Deluca opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Chair Deluca, Vice Chair Skubic, M Ralston, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Presentation by Tony Sikora – to video record township meetings and upload to website —LakeVermilion.net—–okayed by board

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve March reorganization meeting minutes       Passed 5/0

Treasurer’s report: Checking – $159,276.52            Long Term Investments -$251,800.25                                                                            Savings – $230,732.53               Total:  $641,809.30

Motion: Ralston\Beihoffer to approve treasurer’s report                                Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion: Tahija\Deluca to approve Claims as presented                                   Passed 5/0



Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve Liquor license – Gruben’s, Vermilion Club, Bayview x 2, Timbuktu, Shamrock                                                                                Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Ralston to advertise in Tower News and Timberjay for lawnmowing quotes     Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve donation of $500.00 to Lakeview Cemetery Assoc      Rescinded

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve donation of $100.00 to Lakeview Cemetery Assoc      Passed 5/0

Recommendations from Annual Meeting

All Supervisors go to training   – recommended every 2 years

Board members give reasons for their vote – after voting – Chair passed over

Change public comment back to beginning of agenda – Chair passed over

Letter \ resolution to St Louis County to pave Breezy Point RD – Chair passed over

Put personnel policy back in place – Chair passed over

Well at the pavilion – Chair passed over

TSAA increase – $18.75 -$23.75 – $29.30 — 3-year contract discussed

Cannister location – Chair passed over

List of volunteers for maintenance at Town Hall \ Offices – Chair passed over

Greenwood Township Blandin Foundation Grant discussed

Motion: Skubic\Beihoffer to approve Maintenance Supervisor, Fire dept Chief, and Clerk spending authority at $1,000.00 per month                                     Passed 5/0

Reports: Supervisors: Beihoffer reported on BroadBand –                                                                                                                Motion: Beihoffer to sit on the March 28th, 2019 motion to move forward with a Blandin Foundation Grant of a Broadband computer until a formal proposal is given with a authorizing signature from Blandin Foundation           Failed \ lack of second                                                                                                                                                                                                 Motion: Ralston\Tahija to put together a final proposal for a Blandin Grant – JoAnn Bassing to write up an estimate                Passed 5/0                                                          Ralston to call NESC                                                                                                          Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve installing a Dutch door in place of the door between the business office and the command area, with a sign – authorized personnel only –  and the lower half closed during business hours                     Passed 5/0                      Deluca to get quotes                                                                                                                                                      Motion: Ralston\Deluca to have training requests to go to the board for approval                                              Passed 5/0       Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve updating inventory                                     Passed 5/0                                                            Motion: Tahija\Deluca to approve 3 year contract with TSAA      Rescinded                                                                              Deluca reported cannisters okay and no 911 signs made                                                                                                                             Fire Chief – reported 1 fire, 8 EMS calls, 1 drill, 1 training, 1 meeting. Box Alarm system in use. Received $700.00 for old radios. IamResponding program in use. Jeff Damm, Fortune Bay requested 2 EMS for snowmobile radar run event.  Sending EMS to Aircare training at Eveleth Airport on May 7, 5:30 – 9:00.  Fazio checking with college for training items. Resident Bidle requested using cabin destroyed by fire for training. AT&T discount for EMS. May 30th – pump operations drill, which is reimbursable. US Forestry has shared a letter. SOG \ POC changes.                                                                              Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve 1st reading of revisions to SOG                                 Passed 5/0                                          Motion:               Ralston\Skubic to approve 1st reading of revisions to POC                       Passed 5/0                                          Motion: Ralston\Beihoffer to approve sending SOG\POC changes to Couri for review               Passed 5/0                          Motion: Ralston\Skubic to accept David DeJoode as FF \ EMR pending physical and background check  Passed 5/0          Ralston gave congratulations to Chief Fazio and members of FD for job well done – new members!!       Motion: Ralston\Beihoffer to approve ads in Tower News and Timberjay for Clean-up Day, and necessary supplies        Passed 5/0                                                                                                                                                                                           Deluca reported not a need for all correspondence.      Clerk Drobac reported trouble with the computer in fire dept.   Fazio reported no need for the computer in the fd.  Recommendation is to take out.                  The men’s toilet keeps running – Deluca will check.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Marilyn Mueller –talked about everyone getting along and stopping all of the bashing. Emphasizing ways to get along. Steve Rodgers recommends quitting Public Comment

CORRESPONDENCE: BroadBand meeting announcement, SLCAT annual meeting and minutes reports, SLC finding of fact for Skubic, SLC cup decision for Schlotec. Email from Lee Peterson asking to delay the payment to TSAA. Township Legal Seminar presented by Couri and Ruppe. Lake Country Power Annual meeting date.

Junk mail is available to view, then will be recycled

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to adjourn                                           Passed 5/0         8:15 pm

Sue Drobac                                                         Carmen Deluca


Clerk                                                                      Chair