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April 14, 2015


Greenwood Town Board Meeting – April 14, 2015




Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.




Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff




The meeting protocol was announced.




MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the 3/25/15 board minutes. Approved 5/-0




MOTION Baland/Bassing approving the Treasurer’s report for March 2015: Checking-$729,117.96/Long Term Investments-$250,696.04/


Savings-$316,577.22=$1,296,391.22. Approved 5/0




MOTION Worringer/Milbridge paying Claims #16488-16541 totaling $30,822.25. Approved 5/0




MOTION Baland/Worringer to approve paying fixed bills and payroll May 1. Approved 5/0




Guest Speaker: Derek Passe explained that the MPCA would be doing Water Quality Monitoring on Lake Vermilion starting in May. The public meeting kickoff will be at the Greenwood Town Hall on April 29 at 1:30 pm.




Joe Caskinette read a letter regarding an EMS Call to Trout Lake on March 13 with his concerns of a reliable fire dept.




Sally Christoperson asked the board if citizens could be able to visit at the town hall starting at 6 pm on town board meeting nights and was advised the doors will be open at 6 pm meeting nights.




Don Doroff spoke to all of the negative comments going on about the Fire Dept. when the fact was that in 16 months there have been numerous new and returning firefighters and a new group of 11 First Responders-unheard of for the dept. which was lacking membership for many years. Prior to the new first responders finishing their training, May 2014, there were only 13% of the EMS calls responded to by the previous First Responders. He asked people to stop criticizing the dept.




Jet Galonski explained that the March 13 call was responded to by him, where he went to the hall to wait for another person in order to go out. He also advised that the fire dept. was not paged out for the call, only the first responders.




Correspondence Reviewed: PZ information from Director Maki, Relief Assn. 2014 financial report, Bois Forte donation of $15,000 for emergency services and a letter from Elaine McGillivray regarding the town board choosing the Tower News as official newspaper.




Director Maki reported that the Planning Commission made several recommendations to the Town Board for amendments to the zoning map, fees and language.




MOTION Baland/Worringer to approve the Planning Commission recommendations. Approved 5/0




Old Business:


Town Board Policies were reviewed:




MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the Chairperson as Personnel/Employee Supervisor. Approved 5/0




MOTION Baland/Reichel to amend the Spending Authority by removing $2,000/month for Chair or Vice-Chair. Approved 5/0




MOTION Reichel/Worringer to approve the Spending Authority to Fire Chief/Asst. Chief-$1,000/month; Maintenance-$1,000/month;


Treasurer/Clerk-$500/month. Approved 5/0




MOTION Worringer/Baland to tape the meetings but destroy the tape after the minutes are approved (next meeting). Approved 4/1 with Bassing voting no.




MOTION Milbridge/Worringer to approve the copying policy: $.25/page for over 5 pages. Approved 5/0




MOTION worringer/Milbridge to approve the information request policy: $20/hour plus mailing/copying/etc. Approved 5/0




MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the rental policy. Approved 5/0




MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the policy of no keys being shared, copied or passcodes not shared. Approved 5/0




Greenwood Town Board Meeting – April 24, 2015 – Page 2




MOTION Bassing/Baland to approve the E-mail/courtesy/respect policy with the addition of citizens to the language. Approved 5/0




MOTION worringer Milbridge to approve the Attorney client privilege policy. Approved 5/0




Road Side Clean up will be April 25, commencing at 8 am – noon where the VC will provide pizzas at the town hall.




New Business:




Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission Applicants: Marcie Moe, Joann Bassing, Laurie Stewart Warner, Larry Tahija




MOTION Bassing to take who is first on the list for applicants. Motion failed for lack of a second.




Vice-Chr. Baland and Supervisor Worringer will review the applications and bring a recommendation to the next town board meeting.




MOTION Milbridge/Baland to appoint Rick Worringer as the Fire Dept. Liason Supervisor. Approved 5/0




MOTION Bassing/Worringer to approve the following Liquor License Applications: Timbuktu Off-Sale Intoxicating, Vermilion Club On/Off


Sale Intoxicating, Gruben’s Marina Off Sale Intoxicating. Approved 5/0




Sup. Bassing asked if a Supervisor could contact the Township Attorney and was advised by Chr. Reichel that Tim Strom prefers to funnel all through the Chair or Vice-Chair but the Supervisor could contact her if there was something specific.








Fire Chief Dave Fazio gave the monthly run report for March, the update on the SCBA and ISO – Safety Training, Boats will be at Gruben’s until Boat #2 can go to Birch Point Marine, Fire Danger high and he answered Joe Caskinette’s questions highlighting that the department is “Volunteer” which means members will respond if able to and that they are not paid to wait for a call, only paid a stipend if they attend a call.




Director Maki reported that the spring activity is picking up with permits and variances.




Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported that he is busy getting everything ready for summer operations.




Supervisors reports:




Vice-Chr. Baland commented that he spoke with Dean Panian about the construction of Bocce Ball courts on the township property as well as some fund raising ideas. He asked if he could attend the MAT Legal Seminar on April 23.




MOTION Worringer/Bassing to authorize Sup. Baland to attend the Legal Seminar on April 23. Approved 5/0




Sup. Milbridge reported that he attended the Tower Ambulance Commission advising that it is likely the percapita rate for ambulance replacement will increase from $10.00/capita to $15.00/capita in 2017.




MOTION Bassing/Worringer to adjourn at 8:35 pm.






Respectfully Submitted,






Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson