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April 12, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting / April 12, 2011

Chr. Worringer called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present: Chr. Worringer, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors Gene Baland, Carmen DeLuca, Kirsten Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

MOTION: Baland/Reichel to approve the minutes of the 3/22 and 3/31, 2011 meeting minutes. Approved 5/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Aro to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for March, 2011 – Checking-$229,478.00 / Investments-$245,426.93 / Savings-$144,711.31 for a total $616,617.00. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Baland/Reichel to pay bills totaling $26,472.59 for claims #13842-13891. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Reichel/DeLuca to issue payroll and fixed bills May 1. Approved 5/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Baland to donate $100 to the W.C. Heiam Foundation. Approved 5/0

Fire Dept. Report:

  • Assistant Chief Pete Makowski gave the March run report-slow on calls.
  • Other: May request on-line training for firefighters, recruitment ideas including a banner, call this number, etc.
  • Possibility of MN Care for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS regardless of income, no word on the grant;
  • Scott Kregness’s recent letter of retirement/resignation effective June 30, 2011.
  • Captain Jeff Maus submitted several quotes for replacement of the older Polaris snowmobile.

MOTION: Baland/DeLuca to authorize purchasing the 2012 Arctic Bear Cat from Harolds for $10,999.00 with condition of receiving a warranty of 3 years opposed to the quoted 90 days. If not, authorizing purchase of the Polaris 600 cc/120 hp 2012 Widetack from 5 Seasons with a 4 year warranty for $10,178.00. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to form a 2 Person Ad Hoc Committee of Gene Baland and Kirsten Reichel to meet with Scott Kregness in regards to his decision to resign and come back to the board with a recommendation. Approved 5/0

Persons on Agenda:

  • Robert Arch asked the board if he needed to do anything in regards to his developing and undeleloped/platted road to his property Director Maki advised that he should follow the variance guidelines, the board recognizes that he came before the board to advise of his plans, follow the Fire Dept. recommendations for the dock and 8′ width of the road and that Scott Neff has legal access to use the roads.
  • Assistant Chief Pete Makowski-letter of support to Senator Bakk and Representative Dill regarding Fire Safety Training support.

Correspondence Reviewed:

  • Land Stewardship Project,
  • Ami Keene,
  • Joint Powers (Schools) Resolution,
  • Notice of Lake Vermilion Trail Plan Mtg-4/13,
  • St. Louis County Ordinance Changes

Old Business:

  • Tennis Court grant application is in
  • Tank Replacement for tender #2

MOTION: DeLuca/Aro to replace the tank on #2 Tender for $18,894.00 from Emergency Apparatus. Approved 5/0

New Business: Board of Adjustment Position: Byron Beihoffer, Ed Borchardt, Mark Drobac all applied. Discussion regarding no applications, just letters, interview.

MOTION: DeLuca to appoint Mark Drobac to Board of Adjustment – Failed for lack of support.

MOTION: Aro/Worringer to appoint Ed Borchardt to the Board of Adjustment-Withdrawn by both in order to review the applications further, have a formal “application” created for the applicants to fill out.

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to have Supervisors Baland and Reichel to come up with a more formal process with applications for the Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission with a recommendation by the May meeting. Approved 5/0

Birch Point Extension Repair: Recent information from attorneys indicate the township is responsible for maintenance of the Birch Point Extension. Road Liason Gene Baland will gather more information.

MOTION: DeLuca/Aro to approve the Liquor License Applications for Vermilion Club, BayView Lodge and Timbuktu Marina with the condition that BayView not have music on the decks past 10 pm. Approved 5/0. It was noted that a meeting with BayView operators last year indicated they were willing to stop music by 10 pm.

MOTION: Reichel/Baland to allow Dave Desannoy to use 40 of the older plastic chairs for a graduation party for a donation of $20 and signed hold harmless agreement. Approved 5/0.

MOTION: DeLuca/Baland to Re-Appoint Dennis Orehek-Position 2 and John Aro – Position 3 for 3 year terms on the Board of Adjustment, Term #2 for both. Approved 4/0 with Aro abstaining (John Aro is his brother)

MOTION: Baland/Reichel to approve the Resolution of Conflict for Mary Worringer/EMS Administrator and Town Board Supervisor. Approved 4/0 with Worringer abstaining.

MOTION: DeLuca/Aro to approve the Resolution authorizing Shamrock Marina/Randy and Kathy Kladivo for a 3.2 Non-Intoxicating Liquor License. Approved 5/0


Safety – Peg Nelson not present
Planning Director – Julia Maki reported that the commission will have a public hearing on some language changes, statute clarification and escrow fees on the 25th of April. She has information for training for the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment.

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to authorize a maximum of $3000 to bring in-house training for the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Town Board in relation to Planning. Approved 5/0

Maintenance – Pat Trancheff busy as usual. Repaired the water hammer problem in the firehall. Asked the board to consider Scott Kregness’s recommendation that the Fire Chief be able to sign off for licenses for all firefighters who have firefighter I/II for a cost of $75 each. It would need to be done by July. Captain Jeff Maus agreed it was a good idea.

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to authorize the Fire Department Licenses be handled and paid for by the fire department. Approved 5/0

Clerk/Assessor – Ellen Trancheff gave a brief report on the Joint Powers Recreation Board and advised that the assessment values will be dropping.
Supervisor Baland – Asked if he could review the long range plan that Sup. Aro. He is satisfied that the township does not need an audit. Appreciates being able to review the bills. Asked if the agenda could be put in the newspaper. Was advised that it would not be feasible but attempts will be made to put the agenda on the website with advisory that it is not the final agenda.
Supervisor Aro – Reported that the Latterner litigation is still going on. Will be going to the Vermilion Trail Plan Meeting April 13. Asked if the township should get on the rumble stripe issue? A letter will be sent to Commissioner Forsman and Sup. Baland will be meeting with Commissioner Forsman.

MOTION: DeLuca/Reichel to adjourn at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff, Clerk
Mary Worringer, ChairpersonĀ